The Christian life is a beautiful adventure. Since committing my life to Christ 7 years ago, I’ve always considered it a privilege to walk side by side with the King of Kings as we build our eternal relationship together. The new life that God has provided me with gave me some of the most AWESOME benefits. However, I’ve had my generous share of battles too.

In some of my life’s fiercest battles, I’ve had some DEEP scarring. These scars would represent the wounds I would have in the line of battle while fighting to live right.

Not every scar I have is evident to the naked eye. Some are emotional or mental. Some are spiritual.

Getting wounded during life’s battle is painful and requires God’s healing. Depending on the severity of the wound, some will take longer to heal than others. Nonetheless, I can always expect a scar.

Scars are generally considered ugly. We do our best to hide them, conceal them. We reach for make-up, scar fading creams; anything that can hide the fact that we’ve been deeply hurt but…


I’m discovering that all my battle scars show something similar but significant. My scars show how I’m still standing strong and firm by the grace of God after healing from something traumatic. My scars show that God was with me though I was struck down but not destroyed (2 Corinthians 4:8-9).

My battle scars are BEAUTIFUL.

My battle scars are a BLESSING.

My scars represent my powerful testimony of how God has turned my biggest battles into the most beautiful blessings. They were meant to be seen as a physical sign of encouragement and hope to others who are currently wounded or bleeding.  

Even after Jesus’ death and resurrection on the cross, He still wears nail pierced holes in His hands and the healed piercing in His side. Why? So He can show His triumph over pain, death and give hope to those who need it even in their doubts (John 20:26-29).

You and I no longer need to hide our battle scars from anyone. They’re beautiful. They lend purpose and meaning. Others will ask how you made it over during your toughest times. It’s in this moment where you can triumphantly proclaim that faithfulness, goodness, and powerful healing of God to make you stronger than ever before.

I would like to give very special THANK YOU to for inviting me to be a guest writer. It is such an honor and privilege to minister to you. For other blog posts by Lindsey Capron, please visit May God Bless You.


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