Before our family vacation I was asked to be a guest writer for Kingdom Women. After receiving such an honor, I asked God to give me a word and speak to my heart while I was on my trip.  I arrived to the island of Puerto Rico on a Thursday afternoon.  It was a breath of fresh warm air compared to Pennsylvania’s 40 degree weather.

We sat on the beach, soaked in some sun the first day we arrived and ended our night with a rooftop dinner and a brief stroll through the city of San Juan.

I woke up early the next day to watch the sunrise. As I watched the blue ocean water, waves crashing in, the beautiful picturesque panorama, the palms swaying to the breeze and the overall peaceful morning, I was reminded how God has a purpose for every storm.

In September of 2017 Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico causing billions in damages and more than 2,500 deaths. The island was in complete turmoil, desperate for food, water and aid. As I thought about the devastation and the desperation the island must have faced during that time, my heart pained for those who had to endure such desolation. I kept thinking of the havoc the island faced but I felt God trying to reveal something bigger.

I was reminded how sometimes it takes turmoil, havoc, wreckage, losses or desperation for God to lead us to where we need to be and for us to appreciate the things we may have once taken for granted, just like this beautiful island.  I looked at the homes and the people with a different appreciation. Anxious to know how they survived and how God revealed Himself to them during that time.

In Psalm 107 verse 28-31 it says, “Yet when they cried out to the Lord in their trouble, the Lord brought them out of their distress. He calmed the storm and its waves quieted down. So they rejoiced that the waves became quiet, and he led them to their desired haven.”

How many of us have like Puerto Rico experienced or are experiencing some of the toughest storms of our life?  I want to remind you as unfavorable as trials and storms are in life, they are ALLtemporary whether physically or spiritually. When we are facing those times of desperation, losses, fear, insecurity, turmoil or whatever it may be, are we running away from Him or drawing close to Him. It’s easy to lose sight of God’s provision when our life storms are raging, but I can assure you if draw close and rest in Him your appreciation afterwards becomes that much greater and the faith that much deeper.

After all, “storms make trees take deeper roots.”

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