Who We Are

By Vivian O’Neal


After saying yes to Jesus I realized I was living a sinful life, a life that didn’t even seem like it was wrong because it was a life I saw many around me live. We grow up identifying with people, culture, things, actions, and places forming some sort of identity through them. While we identify with these we form habits which lead us to believe we know exactly who we are. But we seem to forget that with time people, culture, places, and things change. So if all these things change, do we change with them? And do we even want to change? We think we know ourselves enough by doing things over and over again to keep that “thing” and even ourselves from changing. We feel as if we must hold on to it, things that your mind, your body, and soul doesn’t even approve of.  But you hold on to it because you identify with it, making it your habit. Habit(s) you choose to keep in your life and without you knowing these habit(s) begin to have authority over you and the way your life turns out. All this occurs because you feel like those habits belong to you, you feel this habit is who you are, That this is your identity, However, I am here to identify with you. To help you see and encourage you to seek your identity, your identity in Christ. You are a child of God the one he loves and adores. He listens to you when no one else is there to listen. He’s the one who forgives you over and over again. You are strong, you are sweet, you are patient, you are kind, you are loved. You are all these things because he says you are. Are you willing to say yes to your true identity? Yes to Jesus? Find out who you really are by seeking who he is.

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