Empowering Single Moms

Imagine being a parent and working day and night in order to make ends meet. Imagine sleepless nights and rushed mornings, not being able to enjoy the little moments in your child’s life. Imagine trying to be there to support your children, but not being able to do so because you have to work so that you can get the bills paid.

Growing up in New York City and being raised by a single mother was difficult. I saw my mom struggle working full time and having to pick up a part time job on top of that to make ends meet. Since my mom was busy working, this meant no extracurricular activities and no extra time with her. In my younger years my grandmother would care for me, but when I was 12 years old she passed away. I was then left under the supervision of my two uncles. Often in my free time, I would play with other kids in our building’s hallway in the neighborhood of Washington Heights. 

While in high school, My Mom was laid off from her full-time job and she started working in New Jersey on the weekends. During this time I started getting involved with the wrong crowd. I got into a lot of things many other kids in our neighborhood were into. Now, an adult with my own children I see how hard it was for my mother to work day to day and I see the importance of spending that extra quality time with our children. 

Life as a single mom can be tough. Sometimes life gets in the way of the joy that we are desperately in need of. However, we can make a difference in the lives of many single moms who are struggling financially. The Royal  Moms Program was created to make a single mom’s load a little lighter. We offer donated items and/or financial assistance for one month towards a small bill $150 and under and we also give a gift card for an activity allowing mothers and children to spend some quality time together. This can help mom’s feel empowered and encouraged! Giving them hope for their future with their children. 

Are you a Royal mom? Would you like to donate items or activity gift cards please contact us today!

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