Step Out in Faith 

By Sarah Khokhar


Since I was a teenager, I have always felt called to work with women. Though I never knew specifically what I am supposed to do. This has been a constant battle that I have struggled with on top of picking a major for school. Being a Health Promotion Wellness Management major, I felt God wanting me to use the knowledge I have along with the skills I have been learning in school to help women in some way. I started interning at Kingdom Women in November 2017. It has been an awesome experience working alongside the founder, Vivian. I got to know Vivian at a Life Group she was leading at the Fountain of Life Church. She instantly made me feel welcomed in the group and made me feel comfortable in our discussions. One day, while sitting in my class at Rowan, I felt God calling me again that I needed to do something to work with women. But I still didn’t know exactly what God wanted me to do. In that moment, I prayed a short prayer asking God if He wanted me to do something to help minister to women, then if there is an opportunity that comes up I will take it. A few weeks later, I received a text from Vivian who was looking for an intern to help her out with Kingdom Women. At first, I thought that I would not be able to do it as I am in school and thought that I would not have the time. Then, I knew that it was an opportunity that God had for me because it was what I had prayed for. I decided that I should take a step of faith and take the opportunity that God had given me to help me understand more of what He wants me to do. It has honestly been such a blessing to be a part of Kingdom Women. I have really been stretched as a person to seek God in a way that I have never done before. I have been challenged in many ways through some of the posts that I have written on the Kingdom Women Instagram page. Without taking a step out in faith, I would not be able to have confidence in myself and grown in my relationship with God. I encourage you to trust God and do not be afraid to take on an opportunity that has been presented before you. Even if you may not know exactly what God wants you to do just take a step out in faith and believe that He is going to work through you every step of the way.

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