When I went to my first prayer meeting at Vivian’s place, I had been having hard trials feeling like I was being attacked spiritually. I arrived so weak, I was feeling sick and really ill. The sickness came out of no where that day. As if trying not to have me go to the prayer meeting. I forced myself for I felt deep down I needed it. As we praised and glorified God I began to feel dizzy. Then Vivian placed her hands on me and began to pray for me and over me. I felt something change, tears streamed down my face. All negativity was being rebuked in the name of Jesus Christ. A warm feeling began to fill me. Once the prayer was done the sickening feeling was gone, what was fighting within me dissipated. I was whole again! I felt full of renewed hope and faith. Father God heard us as we gathered to praise him. I couldn’t explain it I simply know it happened. I was completely healed of what it was that was trying to keep me from praising and loving my God. I was placed once again with the blessing of feeling his presence. I thank God for his mercy and fulfillment in my life. I am so thankful for the strength he gave me to get to the prayer meeting. God knew I needed his blessings, grace, mercy and love to defeat what the enemy wanted to succeed. God cleansed my body, mind and soul. God glorified himself in that place that day, he healed what was hurt and broken and gave me the victory over the Enemy. Amen

For about 3 years I endured really bad stomach pain, nausea, vomiting. I would go to the ER and I would be discharged with nausea meds. It was a temporary fix. Eventually, I was referred to a Gastroenterologist (Doctor who specializes in the digestive system), an endoscopy was performed and Doctor found a stomach bacteria named H. Pylori, Short for Helicobacter pylori. He prescribed 2 weeks of anti and pro-biotics. I did feel better but never did I feel the same. I still had the same symptoms just not as often. After joining kingdom women in prayer and expressing my concerns. The women prayed for me and here I am months later without another ER visit, no more symptoms, and I actually gained about 15 pounds. Prior to the prayers I was really thin, couldn’t eat, and would go days vomiting.  All the constant vomiting had me really skinny and dark circles around my eyes. Quite frankly, I looked sick. Thanks to God for restoring my health and making me feel whole again. Thank you Kingdom Women for your faithful prayers.

I joined Kingdom Women because a friend of mine asked me to come to a prayer group her friend was starting. Being that I was in a hard part of life I figured more prayer couldn’t hurt. Plus I wanted to meet more female friends as I was looking to God for help strengthening my relationships with women. I had always had very few girlfriends in my life, if it wasn’t my boyfriend or his friends, or a family member I didn’t pursue a friendship. At that time I needed God not just for the financial blessing that I got but more for the dark place I was in. There was strife all around my life and Vivian and Kingdom women welcomed me with open arms. I prayed and fasted with this group of women that brought me back to my roots with God. This group has been a blessing in my life and I am very grateful for them!

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